Tupelo Market: August 2019

Yes... we are back! Please join us at the upcoming Tupelo Market this week August 14th to the 17th in Building 4 - Showroom#: 4442

Tupelo Market PROMO: 50% off any (1) canvas on your market order over $1000.

ALL of our Hand Painted canvases are 100% original works of art Designed and Painted in the USA! We are Tariff FREE and NOT effected by overseas price increases, import duties, taxes, etc. Thank You for buying American Made!

Not attending market? Just click on the button below to visit & Register on our website to view all of the new introductions, review pricing, place your orders, etc.

Don't hesitate to call our office with any questions, and feel free to visit our studio in Los Angeles if you are in town. Safe Travels and see you in Tupelo this week!

Ron, Robert, Iris, Irma, and Yessie

Artists Guild of America

310 532-3331                 

Register on-line to view our collections, pricing, frame options, etc., and place orders!

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