Order before 10/22/2022 Pricing Adjustment.

Dear Dealers,

As we wave goodbye to Summer 2022 and close in on Fall, we would like to THANK You once again for a prosperous year.

Take a sneak peek at "Over the Hills" - one of our newest releases that you will also see at the upcoming High Point show.  This canvas is now available to order.

It was quite a bustling summer, especially at the Dallas & Atlanta markets - likely the result of our collections of Art being 100% Made in the USA.  We are in stock & shipping with NO inventory or supply chain issues!

Most of you have come to appreciate our Price points!  A slight price increase may be in the works for certain categories of our ART this coming October :(  A friendly reminder to please place your orders early and take advantage or our current pricing, freight caps, and quick shipping.

Don't hesitate to call our office if you need help login in our website, or to request a copy of your previous orders for reference.  All of our NEW releases will but up soon.

We look forward to seeing you in High Point (IHFC Bldg. 4th floor #H435).  All the Best to you, and safe traveling!

Ron, Iris, Robert, Irma, and Yesi.
o: 310 532-331
e: [email protected]

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Artists Submissions

We are always on the lookout for new talent including: artists, designers, production artists, digital designers, and many more!

Your art may be included in our line available to the HomeDecor and Publishing Industry.

Click to send your low-res samples:

NOW HIRING: Texture Application Apprentice. Apply plaster/texture to stretched canvas to condition surface for artists. 

Call 310-532-3331 or email [email protected] 

Mon-Fri 8am-4:30pm